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DRS HD Data Recovery - Partnership program

Partners in data recovery services is a part of our success. We are leaders in Data recovery and we can help you expand your services business and increase your profits. We offer referral and reseller programs, so you can choose one that best suits your needs. By partnering with us you will gain a competitive advantage by significantly increasing the satisfaction and loyalty of its customers. For more information on any of our partner programs, please call us!

Why partner with DRS HD? Unlike many partner programs that you do not just sign up and wait for you to send us business. We work directly with you to help you with things like customer qualification and price quotes.

Welcome to the DRS HD Partnership Program - Data Recovery in HD
The DRS HD - Data Recovery offers an innovative Partnership Program in branch Rescue lost files. Was developed to help solve your problems for recovering lost data as well as their customers. With that your business can increase profitability.

As a partner of DRS HD - Data Recovery, you have access to recovery Seagate HD in the laboratory (USA) or in laboratories in Brazil through business Byte Doctor and SOS HD services.

Seagate Recovery Services (USA) has what is most advanced in terms of technology to retrieve data.

The Doctor and the SOS HD Byte have laboratories in Brazil and are representatives of Seagate Recovery Services. Thus the costs offered by these companies are smaller than the costs in the laboratory of the USA. Contact us!

Here are some of the many reasons you need to partner with us: Working with leading industry specialists in data recovery 80% success We work with all types of media We have specific hardware and software to solve complex recoveries Increase your profits

Discounts: The discounts increase with the amount of business generated. Grow your business by offering a wide range of recovery services your customers. Strengthen your customer loyalty and significantly improve customer satisfaction.

Recommended by leading manufacturers and suppliers of hard disk storage is an insurance provider of data recovery services, DRS HD provides the level of expertise, comfort and safety you look for in a company data recovery. Experience Data Recovery DRS HD extends to all makes, models and manufacturers of hardware and data storage systems. DRS HD technical work below the operating system to recover data from systems running Microsoft Windows Server, Unix-based systems such as Solaris, HP-UX and AIX; Linux, including Mandriva, Red Hat and Ubuntu and the family of the Apple Xserve.

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Legal note:  The DRS HD - Data Recovery Services does not belong to Seagate Technology LLC. We only have a partnership with them being separated companies. The names and logos are registered. SEAGATE name is a brand from Seagate Technology LLC.

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