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  • No data, No charge *(excluding shipping and diagnostics)
    You pay only if we successfully recover the data you need.
  • Compromise in data quality
    If a recovery result not be as promised, DRS HD - Data Recovery HD will try another method to get the result or return the amount paid wholly or partly*.
  • 100% Secure and Confidential
Please note: A fee will be charged in diagnostic evaluations due to the work done. International freight, taxes and customs fees are paid by the client).
Legal note: The DRS HD - Data Recovery Services does not belong to Seagate Technology LLC. We only have a partnership with Them being separated companies. The names and logos are registered. SEAGATE is a brand name from Seagate Technology LLC.

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This form is a contract to provide services of data recovery. The same is not simply a budget request because it does not work that way. This kind of work does not allow attempts without commitment because we often have only one chance to succeed at work.

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If you prefer you can do to our Portuguese website DRS HD Recuperação de Dados em HD

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Need Help?
If you have doubts about data recovery, contact Support Recover Data

Below are the most common questions:

My warranty covers Data Recovery?
Not. Guarantee only does the replacement of defective hard disks.

Where can I change my HD Seagate / Maxtor / Samsung?
If you replace your HD Seagate / Maxtor / Samsung, you can do it online through the Seagate website or contact them directly

What is your return policy?
  • The return shipping will be charged for all cases that have rejected the budget or having a negative assessment of recovery.
  • The media will be returned in packaging Seagate. The DRS HD Data Recovery HD is not responsible for storing or maintaining their original packaging and these will not be returned to you.

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Submission of Media

Please select to which lab you would like to send your media
In the USA and Canada, we recommend sending by UPS. In Brazil, submission can be done by mail (Sedex) or motoboy. If you are near one of our laboratories, you are always welcome and can bring your media personally.

Open from 8:30 am to 17:30 pm

*International shipping is paid by the customer including import taxes and export

Brazil Laboratory
DRS HD Data Recovery
Av Ibirapuera 2907 cj 921
Sao Paulo SP
04029-200 Brazil
USA Laboratory
Seagate Technology
10321 W Reno Ave
Oklahoma City OK
73127 USA

The DRS HD collaborates with the environment: If recovery is successful, the DRS HD will recycle their defective media at no additional cost. If you wish to have your media back (rebuilding), it can also be made ​​(additional fees may apply). **
** Does not apply to media that are still under warranty
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