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DRS HD™ - Data Recovery Services - HD, RAID, Pen Drive ... Brazil / EUA

Data Recovery Have your lost data back. We can recover it.

  • Proven work history
  • Technology and engineering resources in Hard Drives (HD)
  • Guarantee: No data = no ** cost ** Diagnostic charged separately
  • Knowledge of the most qualified professionals in data recovery
  • Recover hard drives of all brands (Seagate, Samsung, Western Digital, etc)
  • We can recover HD, NAS drives, RAID, Pen Drive / Memory Card
  • Recovery HD by logical physical (hardware) failures (software)
  • Laboratories in the USA with partners in Brazil
The DRS HD - Data Recovery Services can help you recover your lost data and files. Our policy is "No recovery, no charge." In these cases we charge only the diagnosis and freight. As leaders of technology in hd recover, we are the best and safest choice to recover your critical files and data. That way you can minimize your losses with the loss of files on your hard drive or other media. When fire, water or other physical damage causes loss of files, the only way to confirm that the hard drive recovery is possible is sending their hard drives (or other storage devices) to us. Simply choose the best option for their needs in hard drive recovery.

With partners and laboratories in Brazil are also representatives of Seagate Recovery Services in the USA. Although we do not recommend sending your HD for other companies to retrieve data as further damage may occur due to excessive attempts to recover data, we have received many cases that have gone through these companies with negative results and we can reverse the result at the end of the process!

What causes a hard drive failure? The list of incidents causing hard drive failure and subsequent loss of files includes but is not limited to: human error, power failures, physical damage, natural disasters, virus attack, etc. With DRS HD Data Recovery you can count on the help needed to recover data on your hard drive on any type of hard drive failure. Hard drive Recovery involves more than just replacing parts in the hard drives. The technical use of the DRS HD recovery uses specific processes and tools to ensure themselves the result to retrieve the most successful data possible. It is the result of continuous investments in research and over 20 years of experience in recovering hard drives.

Besides specific professional tools for recovering data and appropriate techniques also have: Environment in clean rooms: Hard drive recovery related to mechanical failures are performed in environments with dust-free clean room, where they are carefully dismounted, examined and processed. Our recovery specialists hd routinely work in highly complex projects to recover data from mission-critical enterprise servers. Each case to retrieve data in RAID draws our attention especially because we understand that they are the priority for most organizations.

We know we can not afford to lose your vital business data and do all necessary to quickly obtain your data back and your business can be reinstalled and running again efforts. Unit Picture: HD To recover the damaged discs that fail are cloned to another location, providing the most complete recovery possible hd. Proprietary tools: When there is physical damage to the media, the tools of the DRS HD can read around the damaged area.

Note: Trying it on your own or through alleged recovery companies inexperienced hd can lead to major damage to the unit! Contact us by email or phone about your problem retrieving data! Another option would be to recover hd contact our partners.

In Brazil we suggest our partners SOS HD Recuperação de Dados and Dr Byte Recuperação de Dados

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Legal note:  The DRS HD - Data Recovery Services does not belong to Seagate Technology LLC. We only have a partnership with them being separated companies. The names and logos are registered. SEAGATE name is a brand from Seagate Technology LLC.

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